Maxwells Road, Pillans Point - Work in Progress

When we were contacted about a renovation to our clients early 1980's home we knew exactly what was needed. Jamie and our team have undertaken a large number of renovations this size. Using Jamie's 25 years building experience we were able to help our clients with the design process along side our designer and make sure all of the clients requirements are allowed for in the plans and pricing. This home was in need of some serious updating inside and out, so ideas were talked over and a solid plan was set moving forward to concur the design and consenting process.

Below we have listed an overview of what is going to transform this into a modern family home that is , warmer, dryer and aesthetically pleasing.

This home will not show any signs of any renovation when finished, it will look brand new. 

  1. Remove all the old asbestos areas via qualified contractors.

  2. Remove the old garage door height to increase head room and make it a bit wider for car access.

  3. Remove all the internal gib.

  4. We re-framed all the interior walls as the interior layout changed and there was some discolored timber in the bathroom that needed removing from a previous shower leak.

  5. We added new plumbing and wiring throughout.

  6.  Replace the old single glazed joinery with new double glazed joinery and address each item and upgrade them to work better for the bedroom, kitchen and  living areas, adding more sliders, different glass tint etc.

  7. Add new insulation to the roof and exterior walls.

  8. New kitchen.

  9. New bathroom fittings.

  10. Tile the floors in the toilet, bathroom and kitchen with underfloor heating in the bathroom.

  11. New interior doors and robe sliders.

  12. New ply lining to the garage.

  13. Small extension to the kitchen to allow for more cupboard space where the old back door was. 

  14. New beam to the kitchen area to open it up and make more flow between the kitchen and lounge.

  15. New Gib wall boards, plastering and painting to all areas.

  16. New weatherboards to the entrance wall and gable ends. 

  17. New fascia as we changed the gutter from internal to external.

  18. Replacement of the garage roof as it was showing signs of rust, the main house was replaced 5 years ago so it was still in good condition. 

  19. Tidy up of the existing bricks then painted to make them look modern.

  20. Remove the old concrete patio and replace with a new timber framed deck, 140mm  Kwila decking screwed down, steps to the front. 

  21. New feature front fence with large posts and weatherboard between. 

  22. Exposed aggregate concrete to the driveway

  23. Pavers to the garage back door area out to the clothesline. 

The job is about to kick off, first up is the demo to areas of this old 1980's home.

One of our site offices landed so we can get the job set up and the site nice and safe for the few  months ahead.

The site is all safety fenced, site shed and bin have arrived, time to get into it!

The garage roof propped, door opening widened , asbestos cladding removed. 

Front concrete patio removed (see 1st photo), posts and old framing removed. Now it is ready for the new longer posts under the new soffit beam. 

Gable ends being framed out over the brick, this will be where the new timber weather board goes above the painted brick finish. 

New fascia and framing. New soffits going in then we can start the gable end cavity. 

New soffits, paper and cavity installed, now its time for the weatherboard. 

The interior is completely reframed with new framing to create the new lounge, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and 2 bedrooms. 

The new aluminium joinery is in, head flashing's are on and the cavity is all finished. Time for the weatherboard on the front. 

With the weather boards now complete and the brick remedial underway we change focus to the inside. 

Insulation is in throughout the new framing, wires and pipes places for the selected items are in place. Now time to check over it all as we check the bathroom and kitchen pipe and wire positions are perfect. 

Gib board is almost complete!

The plastering is finished and the painting is well underway!

The decks are well underway while we wait for the painter to finish the interior then move outside to paint the bricks and weatherboard. 

The decks are framed and the steps are built and are ready to receive the kwila decking that will be screwed down with stainless screws. 
The painter has placed the first coat of paint on the bricks and the lower weatherboard.

The decks are finished and now we move onto building the feature front fence. 

The front fence in progress. 

The front fence in progress.

More updates will be loaded every week, please keep an eye out and if you could share this with anyone who is thinking of building in the near future it would be appreciated.

Thank you from the Fairbairn Builders Team 

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