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As a result of careful and thoughtful craftsmanship, our clients have a home that feels brand new and one they’ve fallen in love with.

'Modern' characteristic of contemporary styles of art

The construction of this stunning home began back in January 2020, when our clients first approached us with their renovations dreams. We took them on a tour of our current projects, to build a relationship and get a thorough understanding of their needs. We also wanted to demonstrate that quality and communication are the core values of Fairbairn Builders.

Located in a prime Mount Maunganui position, only a few minutes walk to the beach, this 1970s brick home was to be morphed into a thing of beauty. The clients needed a large home to welcome family and guests over weekends and holidays, yet fairly low maintenance.

Before remodelling could occur, remedial work had to be carried out. Challenges included the first floor, which was about 30mm off level. This needed to be remedied so that substantial plans, including reconfiguration and recladding, could be achieved.

As a result of careful and thoughtful craftsmanship, our clients have a home that feels brand new and one they’ve fallen in love with.

This home has won multiple Master Builders Awards; Gold Award and Regional Category Winner in the Master Builder Bay of Plenty House of the Year 2022 awards and also was selected in the Top 100 of all Master Builders entries Nation wide

Kind Words from our Clients

"Fairbairn Builders were contracted to do a major renovation to our home in Mount Maunganui. This renovation had some major challengers and under the guidance of Jamie all issues were dealt with to a very high standard. We were very impressed with the attention to detail and the high quality of workmanship throughout the whole build which progressed in a very organised manner. 

At all times we were consulted on any issues that arose and always given good options and advice. We are delighted with the end result and would highly recommend Fairbairn Builders for any job big or small"      

Bernie & Gaye,  May 2022.

Design Focus

"The tired 1970’s dwelling consisted of a concrete block basement which supports a concrete upper floor to the living rooms. It was important to leave the footprint of the house in place in order to best maintain the existing ‘use rights’. The design called for front and rear additions, as well as the installation of an elevator."

" We carefully selected the aluminium claddings mixed with Sto Poren Panel because of the low maintenance properties in this semi-coastal location. The simplistic box form to the road elevation is exactly what the Hermann’s were seeking. The design and materials will keep the home current for many years of enjoyment"

Robin Baillie, Architect

Architect: Baillie Architecture


There were three cladding types chosen for this project. Symonite panels, Nu-Wall and Sto Plaster System. All products were selected for their longevity and low maintenance, especially in this harsh sea spray area. 

The Symonite was attached to areas with lots of details and cladding changes. Most of these were at the front and back of this home. We communicated with Symonite throughout the importance of making sure this product looked great and the feature lines were presented well.
Putting time into getting the ply rab very straight helped the cavity stay uniform for the application of the Nu-Wall. 

The STO Plaster was applied by our very trusted applicator. We strive to maintain excellent relationships with our subcontractors to ensure the quality of our homes is of superior standard.  

Cladding: Symonite/ Nu-Wall / STO Plaster System

Outdoor Living

The meticulously designed decks encompassing both the front and rear facades of this resplendent abode are strategically oriented to capture the sun's embrace throughout the day. Whether it's a tranquil morning repast on the front deck or an ambient dinner on the rear deck, adjacent to a welcoming fire or under the resplendent late summer sun, these outdoor spaces offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Ingeniously enhancing the comfort and functionality of the front deck, Bromic heaters have been seamlessly integrated. Their formidable efficacy is particularly pronounced during the cooler mornings, rendering outdoor breakfasts a delightful experience. This addition stands as a testament to thoughtful design and practicality, catering to the nuanced needs of a discerning lifestyle. Drawing from our prior experience, wherein we had successfully employed these heaters in a preceding project, we judiciously advocated for their incorporation in this venture, thus further augmenting its overall appeal and utility.

Outdoor Living: Louvetec / Escea Outdoor Fire Place 

The Lounge Fireplace Feature

The installation of the Decoforme decorative battens proved to be a seamless and gratifying endeavor.

This addition bestows an inviting allure upon the lounge, gracing it with an aesthetically pleasing dimension. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the battens boast an interior of moisture-resistant MDF, ensuring longevity even in the face of environmental challenges. Cloaked in a resilient melamine foil wrap on their exterior, these battens epitomize durability and are poised to endure the test of time.

Wall Battens: Decoforme

Entertaining Areas

The paramount significance of well-conceived and inviting entertainment spaces resonated deeply with our clients. Evident in the architecture of this residence, it boasts dual lounges, a distinct dining area and a pair of outdoor living zones. These harmoniously interconnected areas converge synergistically to adeptly address the specific requirements of our discerning clientele.

Exhibiting an exquisite orchestration by the adept interior designer, every facet of this space has been meticulously curated. The palette of colors, meticulously chosen, aligns seamlessly to conjure a milieu of contemporary opulence. Each hue and tone, thoughtfully selected, collectively contribute to the embodiment of a lifestyle characterized by modernity and luxurious living.

Interior Design: Lorraine Brenan

Interior Finishes

The interior finish achieved is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Proposing a departure from the conventional, we advocated for the replacement of the substantial air conditioning units with sleek linear diffusers in key areas including the kitchen, lounges, and master bedroom.

Additionally, opting for level 5 plaster finishes was a conscious choice aimed at elevating the overall refinement of this residence. This deliberate pursuit of excellence underscores our commitment to endow this home with a discernibly elevated standard of finishing.

Kitchen: The Kitchen Business
Tiler: House2Home

Thank you to all involved

Architect: Baillie Architecture

Interior Designer: Lorraine Brennan

Merchant: Carters

Louvres: Louvre Tec

Joinery: Fisher Windows

Lift: Powerglide Elevators

Electrician: MJM Electrical

Plumbers: Pipe Masters

Tiling: House2Home

Steel: Morgan Steel

Cladding: Symonite

Kitchen: The Kitchen Business

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