Waratah Road, Matua - Work in Progress

Waratah Road, Matua started off with a simple request from our clients to modernize their newly purchased home. They wanted to open up the kitchen and dinning area and replace the kitchen with a brand new one and also update the homes 2 bathrooms. Once we talked over the job on site with our clients it was apparent that the house was very cold and very outdated with possible issues with the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes also. 

We came together and decided as a team while we were updating the kitchen and related area, and bathrooms, it was a good call to remove the Gib in the house so we could place new insulation, wires and pipes in the walls to make it warm and safe. We also opened up the door way wall by the entrance. The home has expansive view of Mt Maunganui and Tauranga harbor so in doing this we could capture the view, making it visible as soon as you walk in the front door. 

Once the house was striped the call was made to add new gas heated hot water system to the home so it was instant, we installed this central to the kitchen and bathrooms so there would be no wait for the hot water. 

New insulation was placed in all of the walls and ceilings and all the wires and pipes were replaced. There will be no issues with old wires and pipes in the future and as this was my clients forever home to retire into it needed to be done right for the years to come. 

Lastly a late decision was made mid way along the job to replace the old timber joinery as this was the last cold part of the house, it was drafty and would help with condensation. The entire inside of the house was taken from 1970's to 2023 with new insulation, wires and pipes, Gib fitted, plastered and painted.  We have finished the 2 bathrooms off with some beautiful fittings and tiles adding underfloor heating so the tiles are nice and warn when you walk in. 

Below is a list of all the upgrades to this home. It has been transformed into a very warm, modern, beautifully finished home ready for our clients.

1.) Replace the Kitchen with a new functional one from Derosa kitchens

2.) Replace the entire gib board

3.) Replace the old electrical wires, this let us reposition switches and power points to where ever they were best suited

4.) New plumbing to the home with a new main feed in to the home, new bathroom and kitchen plumbing 

5.) New gas hot water system

6.) New hvac aircon and heating system venting to all spaces to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer

7.) All new interior doors and cupboard sliders

8.) We opened up the lounge wall so you can see the view of Mt Maunganui as we moved in from the entrance

9.) Replaced all wall and ceiling insulation to current 2023 regulations

10.) New plaster to the gib with square stopping to the ceiling

11.) New paint throughout giving the home a nice, new modern feel

12. ) New hard wood flooring to the kitchen and dinning area

13.) New tiles on the bathroom floors with tile skirting accompanied with underfloor heating with controllers 

14.) New kwila deck replacing the old deck that had pavers glued to it, this will be a nice area to enjoy the view

Please see below a selection of before and after's , this gives you a good understanding of the building process at Waratah Road, Matua. 

Existing 1970's kitchen!

Existing 1970's lounge with a tiny doorway to the entrance!

One of the old cold 1970's bathroom in serious need of upgrading!

The archway leading to the master bedroom and the door to the lounge on the right that we also changed to open up the view to Mt Maunganui as you enter the home. 

The entrance is to the right, we have opened up the doors to the left and removed the arches!

Here you can see new framing to the second bathroom and all ready for insulation and gib board. 

This is the master ensuite. We have replaced the door with a cavity slider to create space in the bathroom. The new shower tray, wires, pipes, insulation are in and almost ready to fit the Aqualine Gib to the walls!

Looking down the hallway toward the kitchen. We added cupboards along the left for storage and also encasing the old wood fire as it was cheaper to leave in the wall. 
The house is now heated with a hvac ducted system to all areas. 

The lounge area with the old fireplace to the right framed over. The opening at the end has been made wider (see photo 2 of existing) to create a better flow from the kitchen/dinning to the lounge. This was done by adding timber beams in the ceiling so we still achieved a flat ceiling throughout. 
Wall insulation places and the ceiling insulation was existing but only 2 years old so it stayed to help with costs. 

The removal of the door outside from the laundry,  we had to frame over this, pass Tauranga City Council inspections and place new stone to this area and then paint the exterior. 

The Gib has now been fitted, new plaster, paint, flooring and now the kitchen is finally in! 

The newly fitted kitchen looking toward the view to Mt Maunganui and Tauranga Harbour. 

The hall cupboards and a small study nook waiting for carpet before fit the shelves and doors. 

Looking towards the water from the entrance, the curve and doors have now been removed to modernize and create a great view as you walk in this home. The joinery has been replaced and we await carpet. 

The master ensuite now looking sharp, nice new vanity, bath, shower and tiles with underfloor heating and new joinery to top it off!

Bathroom 2 awaiting the mirror and she will be all finished in here!

Looking out from the lounge to the Tauranga harbour with Mt Maunganui out to the right. Note the new big joinery sliders and the new deck in progress. 

Decks in progress while we wait for carpet to be fitted. After that we only have the hardware to fit and our clients home will be all updated internally, warm and cosy ready for a possible wet winter ahead!

More updates will be loaded every week, please keep an eye out and if you could share this with anyone who is thinking of building in the near future it would be appreciated.

Thank you from the Fairbairn Builders Team 

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