Belk Road Beauty New Home

These clients had plans drawn by their chosen architect, and decided that Fairbairn Builders where the right company to build their dream home.

This stunning home is nestled in an peaceful lifestyle block setting. The exposed trusses in the living area give the house a point of difference, and provide a spacious feeling for a small area. The contrast of the yellow door and black exterior give the home a modern look, while the rest of the house is in keeping with the traditional shape of a rural home.

Client Testimonial

Thank you Jamie for building our first home - we love it! We chose Jamie because we wanted to be involved and deal face to face with whoever was managing our build. We got a good vibe from Jamie the first time we met him – a good honest kiwi bloke that calls a spade a spade.
What we really loved about working with Jamie was he shared the same attention to detail and vision that we did. He has extremely high standards and went the extra mile to ensure every aspect of our build was perfect.
Our home has many architectural features and extra touches not found on your standard house. Everything was custom built and carefully constructed by Jamie and his team. We are really proud to own a home that is continuously admired by visitors - it's also highly functional, sturdy, and cosy warm.
We would not hesitate to recommend Jamie to anyone looking to build a new home, he did a great job, was exceptionally thorough, and we really enjoyed the process of working with him. We'd love to build again one day and Jamie will be the first person we call.
Maya & Sam

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